Human Factors (HF) study the relationship between humans and the equipment, system or facilities they interact with. Operational safety, efficiency and productivity can all be improved if HF are considered holistically during the requirements definition, design, procurement and transition lifecycle phases of projects. This is essential in an aviation environment where safety-critical systems are in operation. Following delivery of new systems and processes, the regular review of HF assessment and changes ensure continued safe and efficient operation.

Cyrrus has significant experience of conducting HF assessment of both new and existing equipment, systems and facilities. Our tasks follow a formal, tried and tested process based on the guidance provided by EUROCONTROL (Human Factors Case). The process systematically identifies HF issues that could arise during the implementation of new equipment, system or facilities and identifies and reviews potential mitigation. The main areas of study within our HF assessment includes the working environment, the interacting organisation and staffing, training and development, procedures, roles and responsibilities, teams and communication, and the human in the system.

This process can be equally applied to both new and legacy systems, equipment and processes, so please contact us and see how Cyrrus can assist you.