Cyrrus was commissioned to undertake a survey in support of a proposed future Airspace and Air Traffic Management (ATM) upgrade for the Airports and Air Traffic Control Centres (ATCCs) in a West African State. The comprehensive audit was to assess whether the Communications, Navaids, Surveillance (CNS) and information systems met current performance and regulatory requirements and, moreover, the survey results would be used in a Gap Analysis against the future Airspace and ATM plans.  To carry out a physical independent audit of airports and ATCCs was not a cost-effective option and the survey forms (prepared by Cyrrus, distributed by the Client and completed by the end user) did not reap sufficient data to conduct the intended desktop study.

Cyrrus, in consultation with the Client, agreed to provide an alternative approach which relied more on the material available in the public domain (i.e. the State’s Air Information Publication) and the experience and knowledge of Cyrrus personnel who have a thorough understanding of the optimum CNS solution to support a given air operation.  This enabled a broad categorisation of each airport and a recommended benchmark that each airport should strive to achieve in terms of their ATC Systems and Related Airfield Equipment.

An interesting aspect of the survey work was an evaluation of the primary, secondary, and backup power availability per airport. A separate report was produced by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) concerning the extensive use of diesel generators for backup power across this West African State and the conclusions drawn offer some useful insight underpinning the reported status of these units.

Upon submitting our final report to our Client, the following feedback was received:

Can I take the opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for your assistance with this project personally, it was a positive working relationship for me, and I look forward to any future prospects we can collaborate on“.